Create a lasting impact by joining our team in one of our healthcare technology jobs

Join a team that’s harnessing technology to improve healthcare

LifeVoxel is committed to creating lasting and positive change in the medical industry by eliminating excessive costs, complexity and inefficiencies through the use of AI and online technology. To meet our goal, we’re on the lookout for dedicated developers, administrators and project leads to fill vital healthcare technology jobs within our organization.

Our Ethos


Holding 13 international patents, LifeVoxel values continuous improvement and strives to build on our ambitious solutions.


We’re not just focused on the tech - we look beyond the code to see the impact our solutions have on the people who rely on them.


There’s no point building solutions that create more problems. Our solutions easily integrate with existing tools and systems.


Protecting sensitive data is a key driver of our solutions. While we believe in transparency we also prioritze data security.


We believe in sharing data with providers and their patients to promote informed treatment and positive health outcomes.


We’re all for working together to solve challenges. Collaboration leads to better outcomes for us, our clients and patients.

Diversity & inclusion

With a global team located in multiple countries, LifeVoxel embraces all backgrounds and experiences. We’re proud of the diversity of our existing workforce and recognize that our different viewpoints drive greater innovation and advancement.

To support continuous improvement, we welcome applicants from all backgrounds for our healthcare technology jobs. We also support our workforce with proactive diversity and inclusion policies.

Benefits of working for LifeVoxel

See how LifeVoxel’s patented technology could revolutionize healthcare delivery for your organization.

Make a difference

We are committed to innovation and value the input of all our employees. You will have the chance to create positive and lasting change in healthcare.

Good remuneration

As a global organization looking to recruit the best of the best worldwide, our remuneration packages are attractive and competitive.

Job fulfilment

We’re always pushing tech boundaries and offer the chance for you to be at the cutting edge of healthcare programming, technology and AI.


As a growing business, there are opportunities to explore new roles and advance within the organization to grow your skills and experience.

Our Culture

Equality, collaboration and excellence guide us and form the basis of our organizational culture. Everything we do is focused on harnessing technology to create innovative healthcare solutions.

As a rapidly growing organization, we welcome new ideas and place great value on teamwork and collaboration. With a focus on excellence, we prioritize quality control and offer training and professional development opportunities to build new skills.