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AI-enabled healthcare visualization

Real-time access to diagnostic-grade medical imaging that connects the dots to help you deliver enhanced patient care.

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LifeVoxel wins Aunt Minnies best of radiology 2023.

Connecting the dots in patient care

From enabling remote consultations and facilitating on-call emergency management to providing remote medical imaging visualization and AI-enhanced diagnosis, LifeVoxel simplifies healthcare for both patients and providers.

Access high-resolution time-critical images, on demand, wherever you are in the world to make faster and more informed treatment decisions. LifeVoxel’s patented technology is set to revolutionize healthcare delivery for your organization and for your patients.


Referring Physicians


Case Studies

LifeVoxel has helped imaging centers, hospitals and imaging app developers realise their full potential and help deliver better patient care. Read the case studies below to see how we could help you deliver a better experience for your patients.

Who we help


Access diagnostic-grade imaging and powerful AI insights to enhance treatment


Referring physicians


Benefit from zero-latency image rendering to make faster and more accurate treatment decisions. Leverage powerful AI insights to enhance diagnostics and allow early detection. Automate manual processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs and help staff deliver more personalized care.

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Health systems

Deliver enhanced services while reducing costs and improving operational efficiency

Imaging centers


Outpatient centers

Take advantage of our complete AImagine platform or choose only the modules you need. Streamline processes, automate workflows and securely access critical patient data via the cloud. Simply integrate AImagine into your existing IT infrastructure to avoid the cost and disruption of a full upgrade.

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Leverage the power of AI to future-proof your healthcare products & systems


PACS/RIS providers


Enhance your healthcare solution with the power of AI. LifeVoxel’s AImagine SaaS platform seamlessly integrates with PACS, RIS and EHR systems to unlock new efficiencies and enable remote access. Add next-level diagnostic tools and searchability to your products to future-proof your business.

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Provide access to patient medical imaging for improved health outcomes

Give patients more control

Empower better decision-making

Avoid repeat scans

Give patients access to their own medical scans and empower them to take control of their health when seeking second opinions or follow-up care. Get instant access to past scans to reduce unnecessary imaging, make faster and more accurate decisions and deliver better health outcomes.

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Software benefits

LifeVoxel’s cloud-based medical imaging and workflow platform brings together the capabilities of PACS, RIS and EHR in one powerful, user-friendly solution.

Access anywhere

Our innovative healthcare SaaS platform provides access to diagnostic-grade images from any connected device.

Improved patient care

With access to over 100,000 scans each year, our built-in AI diagnostic tools can be integrated into everyday workflows to assist treatment.

Reduce operating costs

Our SaaS platform doesn’t require costly equipment or complex software to run, integrating seamlessly into your existing systems.

Ultimate Collaboration

Easily consolidate separate IT systems into a single end-to-end workflow, taking patients from booking & scanning through to invoicing.


Access scans from any device to make quick diagnostic decisions.


Gain instant access to your own scans and enjoy enhanced treatment outcomes.

Practice Leads

Deliver enhanced services for less, reducing costs and improving patient care.

Referring Physicians

Monitor the progress of patients without waiting for physical reports or scans.


Access zero-latency scans prior to surgery, improving treatment accuracy.


Study scans from any device and enjoy a faster, more streamlined process.

Our impact

With the costs of re-imaging, mis-diagnosis and inappropriate scanning rising, LifeVoxel’s innovative AImagine solution reduces these costs while enhancing patient care and outcomes.

$40 billion

cost of inappropriate scanning in the US 1


reduction in costs with AI-enabled imaging


increase in patient outcomes with AI 3

AImagine in action

Available as a complete end-to-end solution, AImagine’s modular design allows you to pick and choose applications, as needed. Access zero-latency medical image visualization, automated AI diagnosis, workflow automation tools, practice management solutions, search functionality, data storage, backups and more.

Access via any web browser

Access on your mobile

Access in the OR

This is a game changer by far

"When I heard about it, it was exciting, when I saw it with my own eyes‐ wow! Plus their AI and remote imaging capabilities look stellar."

CEO - Imaging Center

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Discover the people, processes and partnerships powering LifeVoxel’s vision for enhanced healthcare through AI and advanced technology.

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By utilizing advanced algorithms and AI, LifeVoxel delivers cutting-edge healthcare solutions. Contact our team to find out how our innovative healthcare SaaS platform can help your clinic or hospital.

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