Zero Latency Intelligent Visualization Platform

LifeVoxel | AI
Drive Revenue
  • Immediate competitive advantage
  • Increased revenue over time
  • Auto-order fulfillment from EMR
  • Faster automated referrals
  • Ongoing collaboration with clinician
Lower Costs
  • 50%+ cost savings
  • Eliminate hardware costs
  • Advanced tools included
Seamless Technology
  • Immediate reduction in downtime
  • Immediate reduction in IT staffing
  • All web-browser high speed access
  • Unique approach: 12 Patents!
Happier Patients!
  • Capacity for patient control
  • Access for second opinions
  • Access for treatments
  • Ongoing collaboration with patients
Risk Management
  • Fully HIPAA certified
  • FDA-cleared tools for physicians
  • More efficient end-to-end workflow
Best of Breed
  • AI always on GPU farm
  • Big-data for AI learning
  • Advanced intelligent visualizations
  • Third-party developer benefits

Customer Showcase

Sharp Hospital

Crucial In Cancer Treatment
“The LifeVoxel.AI makes large medical images available on-demand in real-time to centers that perform Cyberknife cancer treatments.”
LifeVoxel | AI

O’Connor Hospital

Critical In Stroke Treatment
“LifeVoxel.AI runs a real-time platform that connects patients, nurses, emergency physicians and remote neuroradiologist in the urgent treatment of patients experiencing stroke.”
LifeVoxel | AI

Oklahoma Upright

Outpatient Care
“LifeVoxel.AI facilitates scheduling of patients for scanning, creation of reports by radiologists, and sharing of the reports and visualizations including in 3D back to referring physician”
LifeVoxel | AI