July 18, 2022

Lifevoxel Selected by The Plug-And-Play Innovation Growth Program

By Kovey Kovalan

Partnering Up Corporates through Innovation Programs

Plug-and-Play is one of the largest global innovation platforms which serves the purpose of investing in innovative companies and thereby accelerating their growth. The company’s founder and CEO, Saeed Amidi, has been involved in the investment in modern-day Tech giants – Google, PayPal, and Logitech. Plug-and-Play is now home to about 450 innovative companies across the globe.

Plug-and-Play serve as a corporate partner for an innovative company, but they do all that after taking a comprehensive view of the entire industry landscape. As an aggregator, they work with over 180 VCs in 28 locations across the globe.

Why did Plug-and-Play Select LifeVoxel?

We are so honored to be selected by Plug-and-Play from over 120 companies to become the Alliance For Covid-19 (AFC-19) company of choice when it comes to diagnostic imaging software. Our remote 4D and AI inherent capabilities of our patented cloud platform that replaces antiquated on-premises medical imaging systems has made us achieve this important feat.

LifeVoxel is an FDA cleared, HIPPA compliant zero-latency SaaS platform that offers room for better diagnosis, and the data collected is easily accessible from any device. LifeVoxel.AI makes use of its expertise in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, GPUs, and is making remarkable strides in tech-based telehealth solutions. LifeVoxel.AI streams remote visualization on real-time using patented server-side technology, due to this no data transfer at end user ultimately resulting in security and privacy of the patients’ records.

Here is a simple real-life example. Radiologists can extract patient records and images whenever they need, and they can also refer the extracted data to the respective physicians to better understand the patient situation. What better way to look at and diagnose patient information than from the comfort of the home? It is a win-win situation for physicians as well as patients considering the current pandemic situation. Our HIPAA compliant teleconferencing and screen sharing capabilities have further improved Remote Patient care. Zero-latency image viewing, and diagnosis system are much needed to better monitor the healthcare of patients and LifeVoxel just looks at taking this to the next level.

Our efforts have been gaining recognition wide across the globe and it is our pleasure to have been honored by Plug-and-Play for our endeavors in the field of healthcare. Thank you, Dr Louiza and the team, at Plug and Play for the recognition of our dedication and hard work. We are now officially global!

Where to now?

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