July 18, 2022

The threat or brain stroke, and how AI technology can help us.

Kovey Kovalan

A brain stroke is one of the biggest causes of death in today’s world. It is estimated that every year, 15 million people are affected by it. 1 in 3 of these incidents ends in death while another third of these incidents lead to permanent disability. What really happens when a person experiences a stroke?

It could one of two things:

1. Blood supply to the brain gets blocked due to clots (ischemic stroke).

2. There is a hemorrhage in the brain.

In most cases, it is the first factor that causes stroke. As mentioned above, the consequences are severe. But is there anything that we can do to counter the situation? There is. But it all comes down to one factor – time. Every minute post a stroke is valuable. With each passing minute, the victim loses 32,000 brain cells. The quicker proper medication or treatment is made available, the greater are the chances of the person getting back to a normal life.

F.A.S.T. – Never forget it

Since time is a critical factor when it comes to stroke, the medical world came up with an easy to remember yet extremely efficient protocol that can help minimize damage and ensure a quick response.

This is what F.A.S.T means:

F – Facial Droop

A- Arm weakness

S – Slurring of speech

T – Time is of essence

The first three letters of the protocol signify the three common symptoms of a stroke. Facial drooping is usually seen to show on one side of the face. Arm weakness can be observed when the individual is unable to use his arm in the manner that he is normally able to. Slurring of speech involves unusual slips or incoherence in the way the individual speaks. The final letter of the protocol underlines the importance of time and reminds us to get medical help as soon as we spot any of the first three symptoms in a person. The symptoms might appear in a subtle manner. But this should not be mistaken as a less severe case. However insignificant they might appear at first, always remember that they can turn deadly any minute. Therefore, do not make any compromise with regard to the time factor.

Reducing risk with positive life choices

There are a number of healthy practices that can help us minimize the chances of falling victim to a stroke. Regular physical activity and saying no to tobacco are the best options in this regard. Timely medical check-ups can be lifesavers as well. Periodic diabetes and cholesterol tests are extremely important.

The delays that better tech can solve

Tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) is a medication that can be a lifesaver in many cases of stroke. It can break down certain blood clots but must be administered within 4.5 hours from the time that symptoms first appear.

However, this medication should not be administered if the patient has fallen victim to hemorrhagic stroke. Therefore, identification becomes crucial. The quicker the doctors are able to eliminate the options and arrive at the real state of things, the better are the chances of the individual. Various imaging procedures such as CT scans or MRI scans may be required for this. This is another area where the time factor can come into play in a deadly manner. Conventional technology and its associated delays can lengthen the time of reaction to the stroke. For a physician at a remote location, it takes 15 minutes to download the patients scan using conventional old CPU technology. Every minute, tens of thousands of brain cells are dying, which will affect their motor function and recovery because of old technology.

What we need therefore is a powerful imaging technology that can reduce the turnaround time of medical imaging procedures.

LifeVoxel prompt solution for Brain Stroke

Lifevoxel addresses this issue in an effective manner. Our Interactive 3D cloud Visualization & AI-based platform offers unmatched live intense data streaming. The combination of high-end proprietary artificial intelligence AI based patented algorithms, cloud visualization and super computing power using GPU helps LifeVoxel to achieve high and unmatched computing speeds which can be lifesaving while dealing with stroke. Hence, LifeVoxel allows patients records viewed by the physicians within seconds using high speed super computing powerful Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology. As brain stokes are very time critical because patient’s blood supply to areas of the brain has been blocked by a blood clots, hence with faster access of patients records with better clarity means faster diagnosis and treatment. Every passing second after the stroke matters, having diagnosis on time and being able to administer the right treatment immediately can only lead to a better outcome for everyone involved.

The company holds 12 patents along with worldwide recognition for its superior-tech and proper regulatory HIPAA compliance.

LifeVoxel offers a novel approach by offering Neuro Clinics the capability to host all EEG data with live two-way face-to-face HD video conferencing to gather critical patient information in a real-time and you can also edit, share archive patient information safely and securely all from the cloud based management. All patient vitals can be instantly accessed including high-resolution 3D imaging and advanced visualizations in real time with the speed that’s unmatched as part of this comprehensive cloud-based solution. The data can be accessed without the slightest delay by neurologists and clinics. This comes with mechanisms to give alerts/predicts EEG wave spikes. Streaming can be achieved across devices and the issues of compatibility are adequately addressed. Opting for LifeVoxel’s solution in addition to saving lives also helps clinics improve their efficiency and cut costs significantly. LifeVoxel provides a solution that is unparalleled in its efficiency in saving lives.


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