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Who is this for?

See how LifeVoxel’s patented technology could revolutionize healthcare delivery for your organization.

Medical imaging developers

Integrate your existing application into physicians’ workflows - including legacy systems.

Entrepreneurs in medical imaging space

Harness AI to fast-track app development and delivery for improved patient outcomes.

Healthcare Providers

Develop custom apps to take full advantage of scans & integrate with physicians’ workflows.


Access life-saving AI medical imaging apps

Install life saving and life changing medical imaging AI apps at the click of a button via LifeVoxel's integrated app store. Greatly enhance the capabilities of your business and physicians through AI assisted capabilities, integrations and user interface customizations.

App examples


Tumour Detection

Develop an AI-based tool that uses medical imaging data to detect and diagnose tumors. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the imaging data and highlight areas of concern for further investigation by a radiologist.


Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Create an AI-based system to analyze medical images of the heart and blood vessels to assess cardiovascular risk. The tool uses deep learning algorithms to identify known risk factors and provides personalized recommendations for treatment.


Precision Medicine Integration

Create an AI-based system to harness precision medicine platforms to provide personalized diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. The tool uses medical imaging data to analyze genetics and recommend targeted treatment options.


Patient Education

Develop an AI-based tool to help professionals use medical imaging data to educate patients about their condition. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to generate visualizations and animations to help patients understand their treatment plan.


Population Health Management Integration

Create an AI-based system that works with population health management platforms to provide insights into community health over time. The tool uses medical imaging data to identify trends in disease prevalence and recommend interventions.


Lung Cancer Detection

Create an AI-based system to automatically detect and diagnose lung cancer from medical imaging scans (CTs or x-rays). The tool uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to analyze the imaging data and identify areas of concern.


Automated Reporting

Develop an AI-based system to automatically generate reports based on medical imaging data. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to analyze images and provide automated findings for faster analysis and report generation.


Brain Health Assessment

Develop an AI-based tool to analyze medical images of the brain to assess the risk of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. The tool uses deep learning algorithms to identify changes in brain tissue or structure that may indicate early stage disease.

Screenpoint case study

See how ScreenPoint harnessed LifeVoxel’s powerful AI platform to enhance their industry-leading breast cancer detection system, transpara.

Incorporated transpara into LifeVoxel in 3 weeks

All feature requests were fulfilled

Fully integrated in legacy RIS/PACS system


Turn your idea into a product

LifeVoxel’s fully equipped toolkit for medical imaging AI developers simplifies the development process, ensuring innovative apps get to market sooner. Build your idea on LifeVoxel’s platform for faster delivery and profitability.

Get to market fast

Full integration of your idea into a physicians’ workflow is possible within 3 weeks.

Real-time medical viewer

Utilize a browser based real-time medical viewer over standard internet connection.

Access to 1 million scans

Improve app accessibility, efficiency & accuracy with access to real data.

Computing power included

Computing power to train and run your app is included with LifeVoxel’s platform.

FDA approval assistance

We've already done it - we can help you achieve FDA approval for your app too.

Profit share

Our profit sharing model helps you develop your app with minimal investment.

Developer support

Get a jump start by selling your app directly to existing users of LifeVoxel’s platform.

Simple API access

No specialized hardware required - simply build your app through our API.

"People ought to have widespread access to affordable, efficient and accurate medical care.

AI can provide all of those things, and we’re here to make that happen."

Michael Sossong

Chief Scientist

Developer support

See how LifeVoxel’s patented technology could revolutionize healthcare delivery for your organization.


APIs, examples and user manuals.


Access email & phone support.


Expert help to build your app.


Sell your app into an established marketplace

Innovative medical imaging apps can be life-changing. Get a jump start in the market and get your app to physicians and imaging centers sooner by building your app in LifeVoxel.

Low development costs

Prevent development costs from spiraling out of control with unlimited use of our GPU servers.

Keep 90% of the profit *

Generate ongoing revenue streams straight away with our generous profit sharing model.

25,000 current users

Making your app public on LifeVoxel's platform provides instant access to our existing user base.

We promote your app

Benefit from an email blast to all users, a guest post on our blog and targeted social posts.

The LifeVoxel Platform

LifeVoxel has developed an AI platform that’s currently used by thousands of medical imaging centers and consulting physicians.

Integrates into physicians’ workflows

Access to diagnostic quality images on any device

Optimized graphical overlays

With a host of integration and automation options, LifeVoxel offers a cost-effective and streamlined alternative to traditional medical imaging technology. Click below to learn more about LifeVoxel’s AI platform

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"Can I have a worklist in a triage sense? Sure. Can you display CAD markings in the images? Sure. Can you jump to slice? Sure. Well, you’ve just described the three main points of our product, and you were able to say yes to all of them. 

Our experience has been great - we’ve never had partners who could reliably deliver so quickly."

Jon Paul Castorena



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