Our advanced AI medical technology is changing how the healthcare industry is connected, improving current processes and opening up entirely new possibilities for treatment and revenue streams for your business.

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Connecting medical professionals

Diagnostic use across Radiology, Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopaedic, and Stroke Care

Zero latency visulization

Securely store, analyze and view using just a web browser on any device. Let physicians, staff and IT focus on patient care instead of hardware and software.

Immersive telepresence

Telepresence for realistic remote appearance. Access specialist on-demand and in real-time with heightened care.

Diagnostic marketplace

Diagnostic app marketplace for diagnostic use, workflow management and triage. Utilize AI naturally in daily work integrated with healthcare applications including by third party.

Current state of AI in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry lacks a viable, searchable cloud infrastructure for AI and visualization


of healthcare data is medical imaging and is unsearchable providing no insight  1

False positives

AI companies search in the space of 100,000 image datasets – a sample too small for unbiased output —leading to high frequencies of false positives


Warns against using AI for diagnostic reading due to false positive findings 3

The Need for Diagnostic AI App Marketplace

Data scientists need on-going curated data to be accurate.

AI model generation needs tremendous processing power.

AI developers need to integrate their AI model into the viewer that physicians use.

Delivery of AI require separate venture for each disease require more than $50M investment.

Real-word compute power for AI require over $40M investment.

The Solution - AImagine

Give your staff instant access to AI and diagnostic visualizations

Access high-resolution time-critical images, on demand, wherever you are in the world to make faster and more informed treatment decisions. LifeVoxel’s patented technology is set to revolutionize healthcare delivery for your organization and for your patients by giving access to real-time and accurate AI assisted diagnostic information.

How AImagine simplifies your technology setup and helps you deliver better quality care

Substitute traditional archiving with AI and Visualization platform to enable a fully internet connected medical imaging and AI diagnostic system. All that is required is for your devise to have an internet connection and a web browser for you to access real-time diagnostic data. For legacy systems and modalities that do not have a web interface, we have a simple plug and play devise to enable them to connect to the LifeVoxel servers.

Enable easy collaboration with other medical professionals for better patient outcomes

Instantly view or share any scan

Enable better care by enabling instant remote access to complex medical scans that can be shared and accessed by any medical professional

Predictive movement algorithms

AI-based transcoding techniques

Optimized graphical processing

Existing visulization systems for medical scans either rely on expensive on-site equipment, or a cloud systems that has serious speed limitations or can only display low resolution images for a radiologist to perform a diagnosis. The combination of fast image viewing, diagnostic quality and working form a remote location has never been possible, until now. AImagine uses patented AI algorithms to predict how user will move or manupilate an image, with the rendered images being transmitted to the devise before it's even been requested. Our system if fully optimized to run on the latest graphical processors ensuring the user has all the information the moment they need it.

Virtually bring specialists into the operating room with ease

Taking telepresence to the next level by enabling multiple angles and data overlays

Movement enabled telepresence

Low-cost edge processing for zero-latency

Optimized graphical overlays

AImagine opens up possibilities for remote specialists, giving them access to more real-time information so they can provide expert input in the operating theater. Offering remote consultants control over their viewpoint, our multi-camera setup enables consultants to always see what’s going on without having to ask people to move out of the way and potentially interrupt surgical treatment. Fully customizable overlays allow remote consultants to view vitals in a head-up display, overlay critical scans and instantly access every available piece of relevant information about the patient and the procedure.

Diagnostic AI app marketplace

Leading the world in enabling AI diagnostics to be integrated into everyday workflows

Trained on millions of scans per year

Human and AI collaboration for better outcomes

Integrated into normal workflows

By augmenting the experience of trained radiologists with the immense processing power of our diagnostic neural networks, high misdiagnosis rates will become a thing of the past. With access to over 100,000 scans every year, our AI diagnostic system is one of the best on the market. Up until now, this technology has only been available as stand-alone systems. AImagine’s cloud based medical technology makes it possible for AI diagnostic tools to be integrated into the normal daily workflow of technicians, radiologists and physicians. This advance will help healthcare providers deliver faster and more accurate care to patients.

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Find out how AImagine can help you deliver better care to your patients

Reduce unnecessary repeat scans, speed up patient care, enable patients to take their own data to their preferred specialist ensuring they will come back to you for future scans, and position yourself as an ideal referral partner. Click the link below to find out how you can improve your delivery of patient care while also being more profitable as a business.

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The hardware

Eliminate the need to purchase costly on-site IT systems

AImagine is designed to run on modern GPU servers. For a seamless experience, LifeVoxel owns three dedicated servers within the USA which allows us to provide hosting services at a radically reduced monthly cost and eliminates the need for you to purchase and manage costly IT systems.

Advantages of hosting with LifeVoxel

See how LifeVoxel’s patented technology could revolutionize healthcare delivery for your organization.

Access anywhere

Our innovative healthcare SaaS platform provides access to diagnostic-grade images from any connected device.

Radically reduced monthly costs

Save on CapEx and equipment costs

Data sovereignty

Data is not transmitted and stays on location

Address high GPU costs

AI and Viz require GPU and cost is included

Multiple dedicated servers

Ensure uptime & enable redundancy

Secure data storage & archiving

Enjoy secure access to critical data

Fully-managed data systems

No need for dedicated IT staff

Lightning fast performance

Benefit from distributed GPU cloud

Backed by 13 patents

With 13 patents granted and 10+ pending, our advanced AI medical technology is at the forefront of healthcare. AImagine promises process and workflow improvements for providers as well as improved health outcomes for patients.

Distributed Cloud Computing Platform for Streaming (for Blockchain)

Issued Sep 25, 2018 | us US10084846B2

A system with distributed data processing capabilities for viewing at a client device at a remote location a series of virtual views over the Internet.

Cloud Computing Platform for Medical Imaging (All Modalities)

Issued Aug 29, 2017 | us US9749389B2

A system for viewing at a client device at a remote location a series of virtual views over the Internet of a medical imaging dataset.

AI Automated Classification (Japan)

Issued May 25, 2016 | jp JP5926728B2

A method for modifying a three-dimensional (3D) volume visualisation image of the anatomy to separate the desired portion of the anatomy in real time.

Cloud Computing Platform for 3D Streaming (System)

Issued Aug 11, 2015 | us US9106609B2

A system for viewing at a client device at a remote location a series of three-dimensional virtual views over the Internet.

Cloud Computing Platform for 3D Streaming (Japan)

Issued Mar 11, 2015 | jp JP5681706B2

A series of three-dimensional virtual view volume visualisation data set is included in at least one centralised database to a method for displaying at a client device on the Internet.

Cloud Computing Platform for 3D Streaming (Europe)

Issued Jul 31, 2017 | eu ES2627762

A system for viewing at a client device a series of three-dimensional virtual views over the Internet

AI Automated Classification (Europe)

Issued Jun 24, 2015 | eu EP2598034

A method of modifying a three dimensional (3D) volume visualization image of an anatomical structure in real time to separate desired portions thereof.

Cloud Computing Platform for 3D Streaming (System)

Issued Jan 20, 2015 | us US8938113B2

A method of modifying a three dimensional (3D) volume visualisation image of an anatomical structure in real time to separate desired portions thereof.

Cloud Computing Platform for 3D Streaming (Method)

Issued Apr 15, 2014 | us US8701167B2

A method for viewing at a client device a series of three-dimensional virtual views over Internet.

Cloud Computing Platform for Streaming

Issued Sep 6, 2016 | us US9438667B2

A system for viewing at a client device at a remote location a series of virtual views over the Internet.


LifeVoxel vs the competition


PACS Vendors

3D Vendors



FDA Cleared

3D/4D On Any Device

Image Sharing

Archive & Disaster Recovery

Scalable AI Visual GPU Cloud Computing

Interactive “Netflix” Streaming

Adaptive Visualization – AI Always On

VR/AR Telehealth

Industry adoption

Unrivalled dedication with helping medical professionals perform at thier peak


Referring Physicians


This is a game changer by far

"When I heard about it, it was exciting, when I saw it with my own eyes‐ wow! Plus their AI and remote imaging capabilities look stellar."

CEO - Imaging Center

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By utilizing advanced algorithms and AI, LifeVoxel delivers cutting-edge healthcare solutions. Contact our team to find out how our innovative healthcare SaaS platform can help your clinic or hospital.

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