About LifeVoxel

Bringing artificial intelligence into healthcare to enhance processes and improve outcomes

With a global team of forward thinkers, LifeVoxel’s mission is to connect technology, people and healthcare to achieve improved health outcomes. Led by founder and CEO Kovey Kovalan, LifeVoxel is committed to innovation, collaboration and excellence, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare.

Harnessing the powerful AImagine platform, we bring artificial intelligence into healthcare to assist with diagnostics and treatment. By making it easier for critical health data to be accessed, transferred and displayed, medical professionals and patients benefit from faster diagnosis, better treatment decisions and easier access to medical records.

Our impact

Enabling better health outcomes

We provide access to critical medical data to enable better decisions

Reducing the cost of accessing healthcare

We give providers and patients access to health information from anywhere

Giving people control of their health data

We allow patients to take control of their health with easy access to their data

LifeVoxel’s Mission

Too many have lost their lives and are living with disability and chronic pain without answers:

The grandfather that died of cancer or the grandmother who suffered a brain haemorrhage.

The father who survived a stroke but is now unable to provide for his family.

The mother battling breast cancer unable to give her energy to her children

The child suffering from leukaemia and missing time in school and with friends.

LifeVoxel’s mission is motivated by our deep commitment to patient outcomes and quality of life through ground-breaking technology that can provide revolutionary levels of preventative care. Offering doctors and medical staff real-time, seamless access to AI and visualization via the internet on any device anywhere in the world while driving costs of healthcare down, can drive adoption that will ultimately benefit all of humanity.

Our People

Kovey Kovalan


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Hari Ramachandran

VP Product Development

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Michael Sossong

Chief Scientist

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Linh Le


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Mitch Federman

Consultant CFO

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Shyam Prasad

VP Channel Partnerships

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Jason Momenthy

VP Growth & Product Marketing

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Ignatius Muscrinas

VP Asia Biz Dev

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Shu Tyng Lee

Asia Manager

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Nora Simpson

VP Customer Experience

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Sean R. Pakbaz, MD

Chair of Medical Advisory

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William Zinn, MD

Medical Advisory

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Joseph P Sargent, Esq

General Counsel

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Sean Hsu, Esq

IP Counsel – Enforcement

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Peter W. Peterson, Esq

IP Counsel – Prosecutor

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How we are transforming healthcare

There are currently unnecessary barriers to accessing critical healthcare data around the world. In most cases, diagnostic grade medical images can only be viewed on a dedicated and expensive standalone computer.

This prevents patients from having access to their own health data and makes it difficult for professionals to make timely decisions. By bringing artificial intelligence into healthcare, LifeVoxel removes these barriers, allowing more affordable, faster and easier access to health data for better patient outcomes.


With health data accessible using a regular smartphone, any physician, clinic or hospital can access critical information when they need it.


Looking to the future, our AImagine platform will facilitate remote consultations, remote emergency care and other health innovations.


Bringing AI into healthcare allows specialists to collaborate in real-time wherever they are, resulting in better outcomes for their patients.


Patients will be able to access their own medical imaging records to seek second opinions and help new specialists see their medical history.

How did all this begin?

An Interview with founder Kovey Kovalan

Back in grad school, I worked on a NASA contract aimed at visualizing data. To help with the work, my professor purchased a $30,000 research computer.

I thought the computer was too slow so I started digging into the technical architecture of the machine. As I explored the machine, I realized that it was similar to a computer gaming system. I bought a $200 Video Gaming Graphics card off-the-shelf in the hope that I could tinker with the Graphics card architecture to make something faster and better. Within a few days, my $200 graphics card was outperforming my $30,000 research computer. Video Gaming Graphics cards use thousands of processors which we now call a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

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1st Imaging center Installation


Proof of Concept Customer feedback


Distribution agreement with channel partner


40+ new clients via distributor

Q1 2022

Raised $5million seed funding for our AI diagnostic visualization platform

Q2 2022

Setup DevOps & Support team to support growth

Q3 2022

Build sales & marketing team

Q4 2022

Launch PROCTOR™ Telepresence Surgery Assist

Q3 2022

R&D -PROVIDENCE™ Diagnostic App Marketplace


Launch PROVIDENCE™ Diagnostic App Marketplace


Launch TELEMERGENCY ™ Holographic AI

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