Is AI just going to burn a hole in your pocket? True-cost-of-AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) grabs the center stage at any scientific discussion today. While AI has tons of cheerleaders, it has a good number of sceptics as well. These range from the machine-driven doomsday prophets to the socialists who predict a wipeout of jobs. Apart from such issues, one important and more pragmatic concern that is doing the rounds is regarding the monetary costs. How much does AI really cost you?

Price range – a wide spectrum  

Lack of awareness is one of the reasons why many businesses hesitate to move on to the AI bandwagon. One of the hesitations is costs. Recently global major players created the DGX SuperPod, an AI optimized supercomputer that would develop self-driving cars. 96 DGX SuperPods were connected over Mellanox Interconnect to create the supercomputer. Each DGX is $435,000, as such it is estimated that you will need around $40 million to set up the hardware required for AI to perform real-world AI.

The upside 

On the other hand with a short amount of time using AI has the potential to drive up your revenues. AI improves efficiency and decreases turnaround time in imaging and diagnostic services. There is a reduced need for human labour which translates into a reduced risk of human error. This comes in addition to the increased levels of customer satisfaction and company goodwill. The imaging technology is top class and can help decrease the workload of radiologists who are at present witnessing a surge in load. At a time when the dearth of radiologists to support the surmounting number of scans, that is leading to a delay in medical scans and images being processed, the vast potential of AI is something that needs to be leveraged.

The cost of avoiding  

What is the cost of overlooking AI? While adopting AI can offer you a competitive advantage, refusing to do so can leave your business vulnerable to competition. AI is the next revolution in industry and as was the case in the past, only those who adapt to the changed realities and adopt new technologies can stay competitive. The burden of avoiding AI definitely outweighs the costs of availing AI-based solutions.

Like it or not, AI is here to stay. The earlier you make the transition the better it is going to be for your business. Affordable AI-based solutions like the ones provided by LifeVoxel.AI in healthcare can be availed across the spectrum. In an AI-driven world, make sure that you do not lose out. AI is poised to leap healthcare in five powerful ways.

The role of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) clusters are crucial to support AI. To perform multiple matrix multiplications faster in computationally intensive part of neural network training GPU is used instead of a CPU (central processing unit). Multiple operations can be performed at the same time instead of doing it one after the other. GPU accelerates tensor (math) processing important for deep learning applications, hence GPU is valuable.

The Solution

LifeVoxel.AI has developed a Interactive Streaming and AI Platform for medical imaging using GPU clusters cloud computing. It is a leap in cloud technology platform in medical imaging that encompasses use cases in visualization, AI, image management and workflow. It’s approach is unique that it has been granted 12 International patents.

The AI-based solutions offered by LifeVoxel.AI in the field of healthcare prove to be radically different in this respect. To top that, it is not going to cost you $40 million. The solutions offered by the company while being uncompromising with regards to quality are at the same time extremely affordable. There is no need for expensive hardware costs.

The LifeVoxel.AI highly available cloud storage of medical imaging offers advanced 2D and 3D diagnostic visualization of medical images using GPU clusters, and the use of Artificial Intelligence in computer aided detection of medical images using genetic algorithm or convolution nueral networks. National science foundation recognized the technology as ground breaking awarded an NSF grant for its advancement and adoption of Artificial Intelligence using GPU for medical imaging. The platform was granted an FDA 510K approval for use in diagnostic interpretation of medical images.

Of all the concerns that have been thrown up, this is the one which merits discussion. A lot of people harbor the mindset that AI is an unimaginably expensive affair. It doesn’t really have to be.  LifeVoxel’s solutions in healthcare and diagnosis can get you 42% – 80% cut in costs. With LifeVoxel.AI, one can have the cake and eat it too.

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