Intro: LifeVoxel.AI GPU Cloud for Medical Imaging

Imaging Access and Workflow Simplified

“Universal access is what we should be looking at… any body can stream images but to do it quickly, that’s the trick”
– Russell Low, M.D., Medical Director, Sharp

Outcome Based Improve Patient Care Philosophy

Goal oriented, continuously challenging methodology to improve patient care:

  • Outcome Based Reimbursement?
  • Clinicians Ordering the Right Procedure?
  • Radiologists Have the Right and Efficient Tools?
  • Patients Getting Timely and Accurate Report?
  • Surgeons Performing the Right Surgery?
  • Integrated with EHR / HIS?

Platform Driven

LifeVoxel AI is a vetted platform with advanced functionality. Best of Breed solutions can be built or integrated on top of this platform utilizing the high computational capability of GPUs in the cloud. Our Web API provides developers with extensive advanced functionality in medical imaging while they focus on solving the problem domain whether it is workflow driven or imaging analytics.

Responsive, Visionary and Mission Oriented Team

“I am impressed with you guys. You did a fantastic job and I really appreciate the effort your team put into making the product work. You guys are really good. I will certainly recommend you to others. I have been in the CT biz for over 30 years and installed 100’s of systems worldwide. I have a number of systems in Africa, The Middle East and the Caribbean. Your system in Africa is working great.” – Consultant to Radiologist Imaging Center Owner Dr Mohamed Abdihalim

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