Interactive Streaming & AI platform

LifeVoxel.AI is emerging as a global leader in the field of medical imaging. It’s 12 international patents related to visualization and partial funding for Research & Development from the National Science Foundation are evidence for the effectiveness of its solutions. The platform was granted an FDA 510K approval for use in diagnostic interpretation of medical images. With regard to the incompetence of RIS PACS in the present era, LifeVoxel’s solution is the perfect remedy.

Frost and Sullivan commented that The LifeVoxel.AI makes the Internet an effective medium for the viewing, processing and storing of large medical image files, eliminating the customer’s need to purchase and maintain costly IT hardware and software onsite.


The Unbeatable Value & tangible benefits are:

  • Cost Savings greater than 50%+ of annual operating costs of current (or similar) systems.
  • Centralized storage of data provides the big data for analytics
  • Boost productivity and enhanced workflow
  • New software and extra storage available as and when required
  • Access patient data, billing, insurance, reports outside the hospital for public reporting
  • Academic institutions can archive studies, maintain directories, and conduct exams
  • Imaging Centers & hospitals can maintain access control, manage billing, and keep audit trail
  • Radiologists and physicians can use data instantly when a new exam lists on the RIS PACS and this can streamline resource utilization
  • Decreased costs on infrastructure due to a cloud model
  • System maintenance, performance, and security managed centrally

Experience our new technology and experience a demo for your team to witness the speed, ease of workflow, unique capabilities and explain the cost saving benefits. We are currently fastest RIS PACS available globally and have unimaginable capabilities of centralized RIS PACS across all your network of Imaging Centers to single window HUB.