How is AI essential to your imaging business?

Surgery and Cancer Detection

The fields of microsurgery and cancer detection offer great scope for AI. According to the numbers from the Cancer Society of the USA, the incidence of error in mammogram tests is simply overwhelming. AI can rectify this anomaly. Powered by AI mammogram, results can be availed 30 times quicker with accuracy increased to 99%.

Robots with AI capabilities can be of immense help in surgical procedures. This technology is making its mark in surgery while still being in its early days. While helping even the best surgeons improve their skills AI also helps reduce surgeon variations. It can help stabilize tremors in the surgeon’s movement. Just a couple of years back, at the Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands, an AI-assisted surgery robot was successfully used to suture small blood vessels. The procedure involved connecting lymphatic vessels to blood vessels to restore the flow of lymphatic fluid.

AI Robot for surgical procedure

How Lifevoxel.AI is revolutionizing the field with AI

The immediate benefits of AI utilization on LifeVoxel platform are smooth interactive viewing experience, maintain image quality and speed on any device, and classification and detection for intelligent views. These translates to faster access to information and cost reduction. For customers, this means increased in revenue because referrals are more efficient and better workflow to handle larger volumes.

LifeVoxel.AI is one of the leaders driving the AI revolution in healthcare. A large chunk of money and time is being spent needlessly when medical images and related data are being stored on-site in about 99.9% cases. LifeVoxel’s cloud supercomputing technology offers a path-breaking remedy to this. Powered by GPU (Graphical Processors) and AI it provides you with high-quality images that can be accessed at different locations with ease. The GPU storage cluster that makes use of powerful technology is faster and accurate. This cloud platform addresses the deficiencies of existing cloud leaders as their cloud solutions are simply not suitable for medical imaging data. LifeVoxel’s cloud addresses the Internet limitations of bandwidth, latency and scalability which are pivotal in this respect. Predictive buffering has been employed to create this fine-tuned cloud technology.

The platform offers high scope for scaling up at the lowest cost. AI-driven algorithms help manage the Big Data and execute actions without the least bit of delay. As opposed to conventional systems that create delays, LifeVoxel’s technology helps you cut your costs by at least 42%.

Considerable investment has been made in the Research & Development for the Artificial Intelligence (AI). Convolutional Neural Network GPU has been used to process patterns within a time frame that is not really affected by data volume. The GPU based solutions perform 3000x faster than CPU with a genetic algorithm. All this leads to a robust environment for computer-aided diagnosis with intuitive visualization. Segmented viewing of high quality leading to better results in cancer and tumor detection is achieved. LifeVoxel has several patents in this respect and the partial funding from the National Science Foundation is a testimony to the success and credibility that it has achieved.

The future of healthcare is tied with AI. Start early to make the best use of it. LifeVoxel is all set to grab the opportunity and create the best experience for users in an AI-powered medical domain.

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